Enhancing the customer experience with VR

October 9, 2019
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October 9, 2019 lili sheppard

Enhancing the customer experience with VR

Virtual Reality helps bring a virtual situation into a lifelike scenario. VR is becoming a big trend through many different platforms such as gaming and video. Many companies are using VR to enhance the customer experience; as customers are now wanting to see more than just a product online.

Virtual Reality is becoming a rising trend in the home improvement industry with companies like IKEA bringing out applications. The purpose of this is to see a piece of furniture of a design style come to life in a chosen room; this helps a customer visualise a design before purchase.

There is a potential for VR in many industries. The possibility for customers to experience the product before purchase could help many businesses increase their sales as customers are wanting to know if a product is the right fit.

VR can also be used when showing an advertisement or video. This is helpful when trying to sell something which can only be visualised through a video such as a travel destination or event.

Even though virtual reality is enhancing customer experience when purchasing a product, this is a slow-growing trend. VR headsets can often be expensive and not always easy to access. However, phone companies are starting to bring out VR headsets so you can access VR at a cheaper price.

Benefits of VR for Customers:

1. Customers can experience and look at products before purchasing. Consumers are wanting to be 100% about purchasing items in this day and age because there are so many similar products out there; checking a product through VR provides a customer reassurance of style and positioning before purchasing.

2. VR brings an image or description to life. Sometimes it is really hard to describe something to a client or customer without having it visually in front of you. A VR headset can show anything you put into it, a client or customer can visualise an event or destination. (Travel Industry)

3. Many companies haven’t started using augmented reality for marketing purposes. If you are using VR or augmented reality to promote a campaign or product you will have a competitive advantage against your competitors.

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