Instagram Insights

September 11, 2019
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September 11, 2019 lili sheppard

Instagram Insights

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms at this moment, with over 500 million users active daily and over 1 billion active users monthly.

That’s a huge audience to put your business in front of! Which is why you need to know everything about Instagram Insights; how to access them, what they mean and how you can use them to improve your Instagram strategy and engagement rates.

So, without further ado…

Instagram Account Insights

To view Insights* into your overall Instagram account, visit your profile and click the burger menu in the top right. This will open out a list, at the top is an icon of a bar chart ‘Insights’.

Once you’re there, you will see that Insights is split into 3 sections; Content, Activity and Audience.  

Here is where you’re able to learn more about your followers, their demographics, when they are most active on Instagram and how many you have lost or gained over the past week. Knowing who your audience are can be highly beneficial when planning out your Instagram strategy.

You can also gain a deeper understanding about your impressions, reach and profile visits. This can help you manage your performance and allow you to plan further posts based off previous quantitative results.

*To use Instagram Stories, you must have a business profile.


Instagram Post Insights

To view Insights into a specific Instagram post, you just need to tap on the post you’d like to look into and click ‘View Insights’.

Here you are able to see how successful your post has been through how many actions it has received; likes, comments, saves, profile visits. Knowing what posts receive the most engagement will allow you to plan future content and maximise engagement.

Under the ‘Discovery’ section you are able to get an insight into where your post was seen. This can either be from the user’s home feed, a search, your profile, a location tag, on the explore page or a hashtag.

Knowing where most people are seeing your post can really allow you to focus in on maximising those impressions and engagement with a more refined content strategy and specific activity plan.

Instagram Story Insights

Finally, Instagram users with a business profile are able to view Insights into their Instagram Stories.

If you have already read our blog about how important Instagram Stories are for your business, you’ll understand just how crucial it is to understand what content gets engagement and what doesn’t.

Within the Insights section, you’re able to look at the reach, taps forward and back, replies, swipe aways and exits.

All of this can help you determine what sort of content gets the most interest and what content may not be relevant to your audience.

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