Increase your Twitter engagement with these 7 easy steps

August 21, 2020
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August 21, 2020 lili sheppard

Increase your Twitter engagement with these 7 easy steps

Today, Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users. Of this figure, more than 40% (145 million people) use the platform on a daily basis.  Therefore, it is not a platform to be ignored and should instead be utilized.

According to Oberlo, approximately six out of every 10 global Twitter users are aged between 35 and 65 years old. This shows that Twitter is appealing to a much more mature audience than other popular social platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

Regarding Twitter’s gender demographics, it is surprising to know that over 66% of its users are male, whilst just under half (34%) are female. However, of this percentage, it should be noted that women reportedly tend to interact much more with brands on social media than men do.

Interesting Twitter facts:

  1. 2 billion videos are watched on Twitter every day
  2. Half a billion tweets are posted per day (same as 5,787 tweets per second)
  3. 71% of users read the news on Twitter
  4. The average Twitter user follows just five brands
  5. 44% of 18-24-year-olds in the USA use Twitter

With these statistics in mind, here are our 7 top tips to better help your business increase its online Twitter engagement:

1.Include images

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People find visual social posts such as images, infographics, memes, etc. much easier to understand and quicker to digest.  Therefore, it is vital that you include images on your Twitter posts where possible.

Research shows that sharing images on Twitter increases retweets by more than 150%, and found that a user engages at a rate of 5 X higher when an image is included in a post.

As well as images, memes and GIFs can also be a great way of exposing a little bit of your brand’s personality on Twitter. Both memes and GIFs have a great way of livening up a boring tweet and appealing to the emotional state of the online user.  For example, whether the posts convey humour, kindness, positivity, etc. it will connect with the user on an emotional level, showing that your brand has a personality beyond business.

If you’d like to add GIFs to your Tweet then you can do so in the Tweet box. Simply select a relevant GIF from the drop-down menu or search for a specific category in the search box.  Make sure that you use the correct sizing for your GIFs and memes and don’t forget to add a compelling or witty caption.

It can also be advantageous to use real-life images such as an employee or your company workspace to add a personal touch to your memes.

2.  Tweets with hashtags receive much more engagement

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It is probably fair to assume that most people today are aware of a hashtag’s purpose with regards to social media. But for anyone who isn’t, hashtags are used in social media posts to help those who may be interested in your topic to be able to find you when they search for a keyword or particular hashtag. They help to draw attention to your posts and encourage interaction, and Twitter is no exception. However, it is recommended to only use only one or two hashtags because as soon as you exceed this amount, engagement declines.

Hashtags are also a great way to join in conversations or to organize a conversation, such as a Twitter chat.

3. Save the pennies and include video content

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Did you know that Twitter ads with videos are 50% cheaper in cost-per-engagement? Therefore, save your marketing budget and ensure that you’re implementing videos in your Twitter ads where possible.

It should also be noted that on average, Tweets with video content get 10 times the amount of engagement (likes, retweets, and comments) as one without. Whilst according to Twitter’s internal data, 93% of those video views on Twitter happen on a mobile device. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to post mobile-optimized videos that include subtitles or captions for sound-off viewing.

4.Make the most of Twitter Analytics

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Twitter Analytics is a great tool for providing greater insight into your Twitter engagements and for reporting that you need. Twitter analytics has become hugely popular over recent years, and it is now exceptionally simple to find your engagement rate.

You can access your analytics by clicking on your profile picture corner and selecting “Analytics” in the dropdown menu. When looking at your “Top Tweets”, you’ll be able to view the number of impressions and engagements each tweet has received.

5.Twitter polls

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This one comes as no surprise as the Twitter platform is famous for its array of controversial opinions. So why not use this knowledge to your advantage and receive some free worthwhile market research and post a poll?

Whether it’s brand or product related questions, or simply a fun “do you put the jam or cream on first” debate – it is an effective way to get people interacting and engaging on your page.

 6.Host Twitter chats

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A Twitter chat or TweetChat is a virtual meeting or gathering of people on Twitter to discuss a common topic. It is a great way to generate interest from your target audience and encourage interesting interaction.

However, before you go ahead create your own Twitter chat, it is important to first make sure you’ve done your research and have experienced a Twitter chat hosted by someone else/another company.

You then need to identify a topic within your industry that receives a lot of interest but hasn’t yet been represented in a TweetChat.  Next, you need to create a relevant hashtag for your Twitter chat, for example, your company name and perhaps a keyword on what the virtual event will be about, and then decide on a relevant date and time.

However, it’s important for you to choose the time for your TweetChat based on what’s accessible to both you and your followers. For example, try to find a time that doesn’t clash with another chat about a similar topic.  It’s then important to create questions and discussion points ahead of time that you can use to help facilitate conversation during your chat.

Once your chat has been organised, it is then a case of promoting it on your social channels with the relevant hashtags and details.

7.Share content!

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Sharing other people’s content on Twitter is one of the best ways to interact and receive engagement.  For example, if your company shares an infographic/piece of information from another business or person, not only are you sharing that piece of information with your followers, but you are also showing the other business that you support them and value their point, therefore, making them much more likely to follow and interact with your posts in the future.

Hopefully, these top tips will help your business to build your Twitter audience and successfully increase engagement with your followers!

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