Experiential Marketing at Christmas

November 27, 2019
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November 27, 2019 lili sheppard

Experiential Marketing at Christmas

Creating an experience for a customer is a crucial element of a marketing campaign. Experiential marketing campaigns are often seen as physical things which customers can get involved with.

Experiential marketing is great at Christmas as it really allows customers to participate and get involved. A lot of brands utilise the fact that Christmas is the season for giving, meaning they strategically place campaigns and interactive.

Here are some examples of experiential marketing we love:

1/ Lancôme St Pancras Station

Every year at St Pancras they have a Christmas tree or a show stopping eye-catcher in the centre of the station. This year the cosmetics company Lancôme has secured the prime spot. The campaign this year at St Pancras is a Giant Eiffel Tower structure to represent the company’s French origins. The glistening Eiffel Tower structure is made up of Lancôme La Vie Est Belle bottles; to promote the product. Alongside the tower they have a pop-up shop.

Influencer and reality TV star Millie Mackintosh recently published a sponsored post of her at the launch of the campaign.

2/ Nutella Hotel

This example isn’t being released until January; however, we think this campaign would work great at Christmas. 3 Nutella superfans are being rewarded with a stay at a Nutella themed hotel. The Nutella themed hotel in California has a celebrity chef who infuses dishes with Nutella.

3/ Fentimans Gingerbread House

Soft Drink brand Fentimans is holding a festive experience which opened on the 14th November, to market their new ginger tonic flavour. They have built a real life, actual sized gingerbread house where customers can book to experience it.

The London pop-up is only open for the Christmas period until January 2020. Whilst at the candy filled house guests can enjoy a cocktail with the pink ginger soft beverage.

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