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Company Vision & Branding

What is Company Branding?

Company Branding is your company’s personality. It’s the look, the feel of your company and lets your customers know what you are all about.

Creating a clear and relevant company brand is vital for the success of any business.

Where do I start? – Creating your Company Vision

To get your company brand across to customers, you first need to create a Company Vision. If you aren’t fully sure yet as you have a new business, or want a refresh for an existing business – Brainstorm to create your Vision.

Ask yourself: –

Who is your company? What does it stand for? What does your company want to achieve? What are your aims, ethics, visions and how would you want to portrait this to your customers?

Then establish ideas such as: –

Is it carefree, bright and bubbly or serious and detail orientated?

Is it modern and slick or totally geek chic?

Is it wholesome and green and ethical? or is it a little bit cheeky and on the edge?

This is the key of developing the personality of your firm. If you are a new company, or been doing business for sometime, it is never too late to do a refresh of your vision and update the branding, to kickstart a marketing plan and create new interest in your firm.

How do I create the Company Branding for my Firm?

So now you have a clear Company Vision, you can begin on the branding.

It is important to get the vision of your firm across in a way in which customers will view it clearly. This is known as the Company Brand.

This can be portrait in the colours and images that you use, the logo, the quality and detail on your website or online shop, the paperwork, any slogans and how the service of your business matches the visual images that are displayed. All together it builds your brand and your company’s identity.

Customers can then easily see who your company is. For example, if you are a high end, high cost brand, or if you are offering discount goods, easily by the image your brand is portraying.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

One thing that companies do wrong, is fail to be consistent. This creates customers that are confused, they don’t really know what to expect from the firm and provides an element of doubt to a potential or repeat custom. This can make a difference between a customer contacting a new firm, repeat business or them looking elsewhere.

The Estate Agent (EA) The EA had been around in a small local area for over 20 years. It was already well known and provided a high quality service to all of its customers. It had a clear vision and previously it had a good reputation, however it was losing potential and repeat customers to a new agent in the area.

When the EA reviewed their Company Vision, they realised they were failing to keep up with the times. Their paperwork, logo, letterhead and brochures although a little dated were unlikely to have a major impact on their customers. Their online presence, website and social media, however was of a big concern. The website was clunky to use and there was no presence on social media which was the customers preferred method.

Actions – Upon review despite the high quality of service that the EA provided to its customers, they were not able to effectively use the EA’s website or communicate to them through social Media, which was a distinct disadvantage compared with its competitors. Although the EA had good quality paper for letters and compliment slips, the logo had become outdated and there was no email footer on emails sent out. The EA decided on the following: –

Update Logo and rebrand paperwork so modern to appeal to new customer base

New visual exciting website, which is fit for purpose offering property bookings online and automatic text messages reminding customers of viewings

Social media platforms created and managed internally by a competent member of staff who generated targeted adverts for properties for sale and rental properties in the local area

The Seamstress – (S) The Seamstress had recently opened her own business where she was a sole trader in the area. She was located in a busy city centre and used an off the shelf logo generator and website design firm. Although her repeat customers were loyal she was finding it difficult to attract new customers and had a lot of competition. She had created a Facebook page but wasn’t getting much interest. Her Facebook page was also her personal one and she mainly put on jokes between friends and rarely images of her Seamstress work. Although her target audience was Brides with wedding and bridesmaid dresses, the images shown were of her family and clothes made for children and did not show the luxury image that she wished to portrait.

Actions – Upon review The Seamstress decided that she needed to be known in the local area. It was discovered that customers were unable to find her online so she often got overlooked by potential customers. Customers wanting a Seamstress also failed to find images of her work if they did happen to find her so were not convinced to do business.

Updated logo and website to be created – to have PPC and SEO marketing to generate interest in the Seamstress via targeted marketing campaign

Social Media Accounts to be created as business pages and to include relevant and interesting images of the seamstress’s work, reviews from existing customers and for images to be updated weekly. Images to be included on Pinterest. Clothes to be targeted to Weddings with occasional other work.

Other documents to be created for work at weddings fairs such as leaflets and brochures showing, all branded documents of high quality with images of work showing a high quality business.

All work to be targeted as high end quality in the design, colours and content of any documentation.

What are the benefits of fantastic Branding?

Improves recognition, gets your business out there

New business

Creates customer loyalty and repeat customers

STANDOUT from your competitors

Increased income


How can we help?

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