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What Is PPC Advertising?

what is ppc advertising? What Is PPC Advertising?

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for pay per click, also occasionally called CPC – Cost Per Click. It is a way of generating business to your website through advertising, paid by website owners.

What are the benefits?

It drives customers to your website, where they may not have found it previously.

This vastly increases the likelihood of potential customers purchasing for you. It is a quick way to generate more business. The results are often fast compared with other options such as SEO which takes time to build up interest.

It’s also targeted, so rather than sending out generic adverting to customers who aren’t interested this will drill down to those potential customers.

Are there any drawbacks?

It is more costly than other options such as SEO, information on SEO can be found HERE. The amount of adverting can be based on your overall budget.

Completing PPC advertising is only advised, if you have a top-notch website, and have already optimised your website, to increase your business in search results. If you attempt to do PPC when your website is old or unattractive to new customers, it is unlikely to have the desired effect.

It can (and often does) have the desired effect where a large amount of new business comes to your website. You may ask why would this be a drawback? But I have known some business owners be so overwhelmed by the results that they were unable to initially cope with the demand. So be prepared that it may work very well for you!

Do I need to do PPC advertising?

That is entirely up to you! If you are looking to generate more business, repeat customers or expanding your advertising reach PPC is a definite option for you.

How do I implement it for my business?

At Stand Out Marketing Studio we offer this as part of our packages for marketing your business. If you wish to find out more, please contact us and we will discuss your requirements – Contact us