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3 ways to increase your Google rank

3 ways to increase your seo 3 ways to increase your Google rank

What is SEO?

SEO – Stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a way to increase your search engine visibility.

How do I increase my SEO?

Increasing your Optimisation, varies between each search engine ie Yahoo, Bing and Google. Each search engine has its own algorithm – this is the criteria for showing the most relevant search results. To get your website to show higher on each search engine, you need to understand its algorithm, the most common areas across all search engines are detailed below: –

Have Quality Content – The content of your website is the number 1 area for improving your SEO. So, make sure that you spend time making excellent quality content that can really engage with people that wish to search for it. Whether this be in your Titles, introductions, posts, information about products or blogs make sure you are using relevant and interesting content that will appeal to your audience. A search engine will pay a lot of attention to your content and titles of pages when ranking your website so make sure they are relevant and fresh.

Keep regularly updating – A website that has remained stagnant for 12 months with few updates is much more likely to get overlooked, than one that is regularly updated with fresh content.

If you wonder how you can keep updating your website, take a look at some of the pro’s out there. On your website, include a blog, hot topic or special feature with optimised content regularly to keep people interested.

Do a special feature on the different types of trendy homewares you have in as well as your online shop, what inspired them, other ones that are similar. Both the number of pages and the quality of updated pages will also come into account as part as increasing your SEO, as well as providing a much more interesting experience for those visiting your website.

Include Links and name those links – A website that has appropriately named links in your website or from other quality websites this can also increase your SEO rating. Social media can create a great part of this and form an additional form marketing.

It is worth noting that this list is not definitive, this is the basics to getting started at SEO. Search engines, can and do regularly change their search criteria on a regular basis to make them as relevant as possible to their customers. These are the 3 key areas that you can do with your website to increase your reputation with search engines and make your audience find you.


When you own a website, the higher the ranking on search engines, the more likely that people will find your business. Having affective search engine optimisation will drive organic traffic to your website through search results, yet having your page instantly at the top? Now thats attractive!

PPC (Pay Per Click) 9/10 gets results faster than SEO. Often businesses would prefer to gain instant results and work from the repeat custom that it brings them, some would prefer the utilise long term strategies with SEO, and the smart ones… well they do both!

What are the disadvantages of SEO?

There are no disadvantages with SEO.